Tuesday, 11 June 2019


PL#12 The Artus Court - the interview

The Artus Court

 is a building in the centre of Old Town in Gdańsk, at Długi Targ 44.   

The Artus Court's name is connected with legendary person Sir Artur of the round table. 

The place was a centre of social life for Gdańsk citizens, especially merchants.

Today it is a point of interest of toursists and a part of the Gdańsk History Museum.

It was also the place where Erasmus+ group went to shoot the film. 

 Our visit was possible thanks to dr hab. Waldemar Ossowski and Mr Krzysztof Jachimowicz, who not only helped us organize the session in The Artus Court but were an overwhelming source of information about this unique place. Mr Krzysztof Jachimowicz found some time for us to answer our students' questions. 

Here is the interview with Mr Krzysztof Jachimowicz. The interviewer - Martyna Jarzymowska. The editor - Anna Nowakowska.


Monday, 10 June 2019


SPA#5 - Cultural Heritage activities through video

At the beginning of the year, the students visited the exhibition of American video creator Bill Viola, "Vía Mística", which took place in our city. We tackle the genre of video creation in the classroom.We decided to design a video-creation experiment using mobile devices that consisted of a different approach to the heritage elements of the city of Cuenca (Spain). We selected the Plateresque little door of the Church of the Virgin of Light, the Renaissance façade of the Episcopal Palace and the Bridge of San Pablo.

Each student is awarded a part of the architectural element that should be recorded with the video of their mobile device, previously recorded the minute before arrival at the monument and the minute after the removal of it. In this way, the piece is, at the same time, a traditional film with plot, knot and end (approach, reconstruction and distancing) and, at the same time, a piece of video creation as it visually reflects on the multiple levels of reality that they can accumulate around a concrete image, a patrimonial icon in this case.Finally, it aims to offer a reflection on the possibilities of the mobile as a collaborative object-tool instead of only an isolation device.The performance was carried out in the two recesses and it was frenetic and fun.

Saturday, 8 June 2019


FRA#30 - Erasmus+ corner and video material

Thanks to the E-STAFF project, to the Erasmus+ grant and to a brand new partnership with the House of the Europeans in Lyon, we are currently opening our school and improving our material.

We have thus created an Erasmus+ corner in our school library, which will soon host a temporary exhibition about the first year of the E-STAFF project. It is hard to make mentalities change among teachers, especially librarians, so we were helped by the House of the Europeans, who will come to the E-STAFF classes next year in order to organize activities about European Citizenship and the understanding of European Institutions. They will also train some teachers. All that for free !

We wanted some advice concerning the recording material in order for us to get more and more autonomous in the project. So we asked the MJC (the House of Youth and Culture) who often helps us supervise the relations between the school and the festival, as well as media and cinema training and all the technical aspects on film shootings. They told us to buy that professional camera, lens, and memory card. And we did. The expenses were covered by the Erasmus+ grant.
All the E-STAFF teachers will get a free training at the MJC in July to use the material - we also opened the training to volunteers or curious teachers, but let me tell you, they are not many those days ! We still need an extra battery, a computer, and that's it. Let's shoot !

Friday, 7 June 2019


CAT#34 – FEDAC Manresa rehearsing for our film – FEDAC Manresa Behind the scenes Report

 FEDAC Manresa rehearsing for our fil – FEDAC Manresa Behind the scenes Report

In FEDAC Manresa we are almost ready with our short film. After planning the schedule for filming the different scenes, we have also dedicated some time to rehearse. It has been hard when the scene has extras in it, but it has been fun.
Some students had previous theatre experience, but most don't. Only the workshop with Ada Andrès we had during the italian students mobility.
We are now ready. We will very soon have the short film ready.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019


FRA#29 - Finishing the short film (Year#1)

We finished editing our short film but before exporting the final video, we were waiting for a small detail : we hadn't even chosen a title... until today !

We watched the film twice with the E-STAFF students before making a decision. We came to use an element of the scenario that they had decided during the first brainstorming sessions : the idea that the heroes must save a city from a natural disaster. As the film eventually turns out to be a journey through different heritage sites, thus finally came the title : A Journey to Save the City.

Well, this is it for this year ! At the end of June, we will organize a huge reception to screen the film with all the families and the people who helped us. We'll post a report about it on the site before the summer holidays.

Here are the technical specifications of our film :
- Duration of the film : 8:08
- Opening and closing titles : 2:04
- Video size : 1920x1080
- Video format : .mp4
- File Size : 3.05 Go

Monday, 3 June 2019


ITA# 37 10th May 2019 Manresa - Visit to Barcelona and dinner


The end of our Erasmus trip. In the morning we went to visit Barcelona and the students using their mobile phones had to find some famous monuments or places and take some pictures to end a competition.
In the evening families made delicious food for everything and we enjoyed taking pictures. Some students explained the rules of some old games and played them in the playground. The Headmistress and the coordinator gave the certificates to the students and teachers. What a lovely day.

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