Monday, 18 February 2019


SPA#3: Timlapse: Architecture and Heritage

To study the historical heritage of our city we set out to reproduce two of its most iconic buildings, the city hall and the San Pablo Bridge, using a construction system called Lupo.
Through a time-lapse we can see how the buildings grow in a cooperative work among the students.
Timelapse: Architecture and Heritage

SPA#2 - Characterization workshop

During the Film Festival of Cuenca, the students of Aesthetic (VET studies) of the our school, prepared a workshop of cinema characterisation. Before to see the film "Carmen and Lola", The students proposed to the participants in the interchange to transform themselves. In fiction, we can be what we desire, that we crave. That was the game.
Characterization workshop

Sunday, 17 February 2019


CAT#11 – Introducing ourselves & getting ready to travel – FEDAC Manresa Behind The Scenes Report

Introducing ourselves & getting ready to travel 

Here you have the video that the FEDAC Manresa students who are shortly going to Sofia have filmed introducing themselves to the school in Bulgaria.

They are looking forward to travelling to Sofia and they are ready to learn loads and enjoy themselves with the experience.


CAT#10 – Movie Review: Expressing likes & dislikes with the film “In Time” – FEDAC Manresa Behind The Scenes Report

Expressing likes & dislikes with the film “In Time”

With our students, we have learned how to express likes and dislikes when reviewing a movie. We have learned expressions such us “I am crazy about…”, “I love…”, “I like…”, I don’t mind…”, “I don’t like…”, “I hate…”, “I can’t stand…”; we have learned to apply these expressions when talking about a movie.

We chose the movie “In Time”. After watching the movie students had to fill in a Movie review document expressing in what degree they lived and disliked different aspects of the movie: acting, music, lighting, etc.

Saturday, 16 February 2019


FRA#9 - Making the story board of the first short film

Now that our scenario is complete, the task of making the story board is crucial. As the shooting of our short film will be long and complex, and as we have already invited three external contributors, we have decided to momentarily stop the practical exercises and to focus on that task. Making a story board is a very long process, that may take up to a good ten hours of work.

The French E-STAFF group was divided into six groups, each group being responsible of a scene, and each scene featuring a specific element of the cultural heritage of the area. Mrs Raut, the art and cinema teacher, supervised the making of the story boards whereas Mr. Périllat, the English teacher, supervised the writing of the dialogues.

 Here are some photos of the process after 3 weeks :


FRA#8 - First Featured Film Festival of Annonay 2019

 The mobility in France has just ended. Before getting a complete report about it, here are some photos and a short summary of the event.

This mobility was mainly focused on cinema and on the first featured film festival of Annonay. With the help of the festival director, Mr. Gaël Labanti, we scheduled four screenings on two days for a total immersion. The mobility also featured two preparatory workshops and a final recap during which we invited a journalist and the deputy mayor of the city.

Due to a limited number of days (because of our school's restructuring process), the cultural heritage aspect was restricted to the visit of the Lumière Museum in Lyon on the final day but only for the visiting partners, as we had already done it with the French students a few weeks before.

On the first photo, we can see the media workshop of the first day at the castle of Deomas, which is the new headquarters of our MJC - Maison de la Jeunesse et de la Culture (House for Youth and Culture). Two employers of the MJC, Brice Sodini and Alicia Cosculluela, supervised that workshop, which aimed at training the students how to make interviews. This work was used after each film we saw during the festival.

Here are the photos of the mobility :

Welcoming the Bulgarian and Spanish students at the Lyon airport on Sunday

Hosting families organized joint activities during the evenings

Cinema workshop at school : preview activities (in English) to prepare the 4 films of the festival

An evolving mind map about the Annonay first featured film festival

Practical activities (drama, filming, editing) based on the film preview of "Parvana"

Preparing the reviews of the film "Woman at War" in front of the old theatre

Exclusive interview of Denis Do, the filmmaker of "Funan" in the old theatre

Final recap at school: written review of the film "Ladybird"

Preparing the E-STAFF competition: here are the results of the votes on the 4 films we saw during the week

Final day in Lyon: at the train station, a plane wrote the word "Bisous" (kisses) in he sky. It was Valentine's day!

The pilot also drew a heart. A nice way to end up this mobility...!

Thanks to all the visiting students and their teachers for those moments. Also, thanks to all the hosting families and to the staff of the Collège les Perrières school who helped making this mobility possible. Keep in touch for the related videos soon.

Thursday, 14 February 2019


CAT#9 – Workshop on Sound Tracking with an Expert – FEDAC Manresa Behind The Scenes Report

Learning about sound and music effects

This week we have received the visit of a musician an expert camera operator Sergi Beringues. With him our students have learn to add sound effects to a clip.
We chose a clip of the famous cartoon characters Tom & Jerry. After listening to Mr Beringues explanations our students added all the sound effects using a piano mobile app, recording their own voices to recreate noises, and using the YouTube library of sound effects. After compiling all the sounds, they had to edit the clip to match all the sounds to the action of the scene.
This was a fun activity. Students learned by doing and had a great time. You can see the results for yourselves. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Beringues for his help.


CAT#8 – We have finished our script! – FEDAC Manresa Behind The Scenes Report

We have finished our script!

We have finally finished the script for our short film.
Cultural Heritage is a very broad theme and it was difficult to choose a topic for our story. In the end we decided to explain a local legend that is unique of the town of Manresa, the legend of “La Llum” (the light).
Students were divided into groups of 3 or 4 and collaboratively wrote a script in Catalan to explain the legend in a fun way. They did this with the guidance of the language teachers and only after a thorough explanation about what a script is. We established the condition that the story had to include an action scene. When all the stories were written students voted the best three stories.

From the three winners we have then compiled and translated the final version of the legend. We can’t wait to start the story board now!


CAT#7 - Outdoor Lighting Techniques – FEDAC Manresa Behind The Scenes Report

Last week our students worked on different outdoor lighting techniques. The theory was presented and then they watched a Karate Kid scene named ‘Everything is Kung Fu’ (You can see it in the following link here In this scene, the natural light plays an important role and it emphasises the movements of the characters. Our students took great care of all the aspects that needed to be reflected in their final product.

We went to a nearby area one afternoon and in small groups students had to record themselves acting this scene out. Even though the light was soft and there were several clouds, the final product was incredible. Here is an example of what they recorded.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019


BUL#1 - Gdansk mobility individual video reports

Four E-STAFF Bulgarian students created their own self-made video reports during the mobility in Gdansk in December 2018.

Here is a special video edit of all their creations :

A fifth report is also available on powerpoint (.pptx) format on our e-twinning space : click here to download Ivan's video from the E-STAFF e-twinning space.

Enjoy watching !

Tuesday, 29 January 2019


FRA #7 - Cultural and Cinema Heritage : the Lumière Museum in Lyon

Today, we visited the Institut Lumière in Lyon and the E-STAFF students made a short video about it. We were with the special year 7 cinema section (the 6e CHAAV) who are younger than the E-STAFF.

Right after the visit, we went back to our school and started to collectively pick out the rushes for the future editing process, which allowed to point out all the flawed videos and the related filming problems. We also studied a passage to make our first English subtitle workshop. The video is by now edited and uploaded on Youtube.

 For our Spanish friends who are visiting us in 2 weeks : please don't watch the video, as it contains spoilers...

See you soon in France !

POL#4 - The first audition for the film.

After long and turbulent discussions we have created the plot of the film. Moreover, Polish team has almost finished writing and translating the script. During the last meeting Mrs Danuta Lis and Mrs Iwona Cieplińska conducted some drama warm-ups and the audition started. Who will play the main role??? We will get to know soon.

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