Sunday, 20 October 2019


PL#17 Storyboard - getting ready for a real work

Polish students revised 

how to make a storyboard 


Mr Piotr Machalski conducted a lesson durring which students made their storyboards.The students were given a topic: LOST MOBILE PHONE. They had to make up a short story. Then they had to make a storyboard. Finally they had to shoot their short film according to the storyboard. 


This was fun but also very educational way of revising all the students know about storyboard. Here are the results of their work. Enjoy watching!

Group 1


 Group 2


 Group 3




Thursday, 17 October 2019


PL#16 Journalist workshop Gdynia Film Festival

44th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia 

is the most important event for Polish cinematography 

It takes place in Gdynia, a city near Gdańsk. Here come all the Poles who are intrested in Polish films. There are also directors, cameramen, actors and actress who meet with the audience, give speeches, teach other how to be better.

This year the main award "Złote Lwy" (Golden Lions) were given to Agnieszka Holland for "Obywatel Jones"(Citizen Jones)


Erasmus+ students took part in workshops organized by Filmoteka szkolna for schools during the festival. Students learnt the rules of journalist work. They practiced  interviewing. They listened to famous Polish journalsts as well as conducting a vox pop themselves.

Some of our students were very lucky to interview a famous Polish director Jan Komasa. 



PL#15 Starting the second year of the project - Parents Meeting

The start of the project would not be valid if it was not started with parents of our students. 

We met on the 24th of September 2019 to inform about this year activities:

1)creating the second film for the Festival in Strasbourg in May 2020
2)taking part in film workshops
3)watching and discussing films
4)hosting students and teachers from Bernalda and Cuenca in December 2019
5)taking part in Gdańsk Film Festival "Kino w trampkach" in Gdańsk in December
6)visiting Annonay and taking part in Annonay Film Festival in February 2020
7)organizing European Student Amateur Film Festival in Strasbourg in 2020

Mr Piotr Machalski showed parents the programmes students use to edit films. 

All the parents looked forward to the future activities.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019


FRA#34 - Education to Media - invitation of M. Eric Valmir

The E-STAFF project is also about Education to Media and Information (E.M.I.) : students learn how to make choices when they film, and how to search information when they study the local cultural heritage in order to connect it to their fiction. Education to Media and Information is also a way to develop one's critical mind and knowledge about the world of journalism in particular, but also about the world in general. In this perspective, we invited the General Secretary of Information of Radio France, Mr. Eric Valmir.

Mr. Valmir has worked as a journalist for 25 years and notably worked as a war reporter in Afghanistan, Kosovo and Irak. He was also a press correspondent in Italy for 5 years and has covered the migrant crisis in Lampedusa island.

First, Mr. Valmir came from Paris to Annonay to meet the teachers. At the end of the morning, he was eventually interviewed by some students, who were filmed by the E-STAFF team - the full video will come in a few weeks. Be patient !

During the afternoon, Mr. Valmir exchanged with five classes of our school about various topics : the different ways to get information (especially through social media), what it is to be a journalist or a great reporter, the links between literature and journalism, freedom of speech and freedom of the press, fake news, and how to conduct a good interview.

Mr. Valmir returned to Paris at the end of the day. It was a great and unique experience for all of us.

Monday, 7 October 2019


CAT#37– Movie review. Talking about a movie– FEDAC Manresa behind the Scenes Report

CAT#37– Movie review. Talking about a movie– FEDAC Manresa behind the Scenes Report

Students in FEDAC Manresa have watched the movie “The Da Vinci Code” with the objective to review a mystery film and get ideas for our second movie in the E-STAFF project.
We watched the movie together and afterwards we talked in groups about the importance of light and music/sound effects in suspense. In groups students had to discuss their ideas and then comment with the rest of the class.
This year we have chosen to film a thriller and we wanted to discuss critical elements in this genre.

Sunday, 6 October 2019


FRA#33 - Second Partner Meeting

Last year, the first Partner Meeting of the project had taken place in France. This year, the Partner Meeting took place in Bernalda, Italy, from September 30 to October 3. The meeting was a success and allowed all the partners from France, Spain (Manresa and Cuenca), Italy, Poland and Bulgaria to set up the second year of the E-STAFF project.

Here is a short video summary of this event :

Wednesday, 25 September 2019


FRA#32 - Starting year#2 !

The second year of the project has just started ! The French E-STAFF students have already decided about the great lines of the scenario for their future short film. After the screening of 12 edifying film extracts, we asked each student to produce a short synopsis based on the three following major rules:
- showing gothic elements
- implementing the theme of the double (doppelgänger)
- establishing the general setting in a huge old manor

We selected the best synopsis and added some good ideas from others students' works. On last Tuesday, we organized a great brainstorming to fill the plot holes and define the basic identity of the characters. Now, it's time to start the story boards !

If the film of last year was based on an adventurous journey (with multiple locations, each reflecting the cultural heritage of our area), this year we will rather focus on a single place: the villa of Varagnes, which is a very important historical place in Annonay. As you can imagine, the story will be based on suspense and on a more claustrophobic atmosphere...!

The shooting will take place at the end of March 2020. The students will shoot a few video reports for you to understand more about the villa of Varagnes and the family who lived - and still lives - there.

See you soon !

Thursday, 1 August 2019


PL#14 The assessment of the project after one year

Summing Up Activities

On the 17th of June 2019 there was an E-STAFF meeting with all our friends: the headteacher Mrs Barbara Gwizdała, students, their parents and participating teachers. 

There were plenty of thanks, presentations and disussions as well as the survey for all the parties involved. The survey was created to find out if members of the project benefited from the project and if yes, in which areas. Here are the results of the surveys.

The students: 

1.Have you learnt anything new participating in the project?
Mostly students declared that they learnt new things during the project (only one student stated that he/she didn't learn any new things). Students enumarated following skills/areas that they learnt: film shooting, film editing, English, acting, group work. Students declared that they became more open and that they made international friends.

2.Is there anything you don't like and it needs being changed?
Mostly students were satisfied. Some students (3) who hosted/visited Bulgarian students declared that the age of the pairs host-guest should be more or less the same.

3.What did you like in the project?
Mostly students were satisfied with the project activities, such as film shooting and film editing, creating the plot of the film, visiting foreign countries and hosting at home friends from other schools, making new friends.

The parents:

1.Has your child learnt anything new participating in the project?
All the parents declared that their children learnt new things during the project. Parents enumarated following skills/areas that their children learnt: film shooting, film editing, English, acting, group work, IT skills in general. Parents declared that their children became more open and confident, eager to speak English.

2.Is there anything you don't like and it needs the change?
Mostly parents were satisfied.One parent mentioned problems with food during the mobility and the age of the students.

3.What did you like in the project?
Parents were highly satisfied with the project activities. However, they mentioned communication via different media which they liked the most. They stated it was fast and efficient. They felt well-informed and in touch.  

Thursday, 27 June 2019


FRA#31 - E-STAFF year#1 closing ceremony

We organized an official closing ceremony on June 26th at the Castle of Deomas, Annonay, to screen our film "A Journey to Save the City" and some of the video reports we made during this first year of E-STAFF. We invited parents, students, teachers, political representatives and to all the people who helped us. There were about 100 people in the convention room of the castle, which was really hot !

Here is a short video recap showing the first year of the project from the French side, month after month, from September 2018 to June 2019. It was screened to open the ceremony.

Enjoy your summer holidays, and see you in September !

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